Cloud Computing

We have recently expanded our relationship with Avnet, a Fortune 500 company and our technology distributor, to bring our customer base a series of integrated and packaged cloud offerings. By leveraging Avnet's experience, expertise and industry relationships we are able to offer top flight services from leading cloud providers, like Amazon, Savvis and others at considerable savings.

The current offerings are pre-packaged, easy to understand, simple to procure and priced competitively. They were designed with the following cloud computing benefits in mind.

Cloud computing benefits:

  • No Upfront Capital Expense
  • Low Cost
  • Pay Only for What You Use
  • Self-Service Infrastructure
  • Easily Scale Up and Down
  • Improve Agility and Time to Market

Current Cloud Solution areas:

Productivity and Collaboration
- Microsoft Productivity Suite (Exchange)
- Sharepoint Foundation

Back-up and Disaster Recovery
- Server and Workstation
- Oracle Back-up
- MS SQL Server Back-up

Test and Development
- On Demand, Pay as you go

- Network Denial of Service Protection
- Log Management

Application Hosting
- Dedicated Web Application Hosting

Data Center as a Service
- Collocation Services
- Hosted Cloud Services

If you are considering adopting a cloud-based computing approach for any of the areas above or if you specific project needs we can also put together custom cloud solutions, contact your Kazer Account Executive for more information.